Saturday, October 16, 2010

Captain Planet!

I am about to say something highly profound.

Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak.

Thank you.

On a somewhat less enthralling note, I was just thinking about elements. Mostly about how they pertain to magical ability.

For almost all of my life, I've considered fire to be the only really interesting element of the four classical choices. Those being Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Fire is amazing. It's fantastic. It's awesome. I don't really have the words to describe how cool it is to me. I don't really know why, either. It just seems so much more dynamic and fantastical, I guess.
Earth, Air, and Water were just so... drab. Commonplace, if you will. We breathe air, step on earth, and drink water every single day. Not that fire is something out of the ordinary. It's just cooler than ordinary. I even take pictures of fire, because it's so awesome. Like this one. ^

I used to be afraid that if I was suddenly made an elemental mage, that my power would end up being something lame, like earth. Boring. What would I possibly want with magic relating to earth? You know how that goes, sometimes. Like if you're at an activity of some sort, and they divide you all up into groups, just arbitrarily. And you end up being in the group that goes to some lame place that you don't really care about.
Well, as I've gotten older, I've realized two things. One, that real life is sometimes better than fantasy in those types of things. The sort of magic you would end up having, or the skills you would end up using, would be a reflection of you and your personality. Thus the element that you got would end up being something you could relate to.

I also realized that the other elements are all awesome in their own right. I've gained a much deeper appreciation for them than I once had. I mean, I have a thing for tornadoes. Don't know why, but they are freakin awesome. And I realized that tornadoes are all about the power of air. Whenever I'm out in stormy weather, and the wind starts to whip around me, I just feel this pressing need to stand on a precipice and bask in the glory of the wind.

I want to just draw all the power into me and release it into funnels of windy awesomeness to the detriment of my enemies. Once upon a time I used to find air the most boring, until I realized that it so wasn't. It only looks boring in art, because people don't understand epicness very well.

Water is sort of similar. I never really cared. And admitedly, I still don't care AS much. But check out a tidal wave, or a rain storm. Or a huge waterfall. Dag. It's pretty sweet. Earth, too, is still lowest on my list. But if I could summon an earthquake to destroy my enemy's palace, I'd definitely be okay with that. No problems to be had. (But especially if we get some lava involved... O:)

Anyway, so I've realized that there is merit in nearly anything as long as you look at it with the right perspective. It's something that politicians have been good at for years. Take all the good parts of one and compare it to the worst parts of the other, just to skew the perception. Gotta admit, it's clever, even if it's wrong. But done to the right things, perception can make all the difference.

Now, I just have to put a good word in for the minor elements. The ones that are sometimes included, and sometimes not, because they're more like sub-elements. You know, things like flora and fauna within the realm of earth. Or ice within the category of water. Know that girl in Sky High, who can send all sorts of vines and stuff at her enemies? That would be a wicked awesome power. Way cool. But the reason I mention this is because I really, really, really like ice. It's so pretty, and awesome. And I like it for all the same reasons I like fire, which are the ones I can't really describe.

Given the choice, ice would be my second element, and air would take third place. (Though it would be a close thing, I think). But ice doesn't normally count as separate from water, though it really is. Funny how I like fire and ice the best. *shrug* I didn't choose that way because I thought it was cool to be weird or whatever. I just happened to like those two the most, and they just happen to be opposites.
Anyway, the point was that all of them can be super cool, if taken in the right attitude. And that can be a moral of the story for life as well, if you were really hoping to get something out of this. Although I don't know why you would have been, because I gave up on making useful posts pretty much on day one.

So today I was taking a sorting hat quiz, and this particular one associated each house with a different element. Gryffindor was fire, obviously. Slytherin was water. Ravenclaw was Air. And Hufflepuff was earth. Funnily enough, the elements that went with the houses are in the same order of liking the most to the least as my preference for houses themselves, except that I don't like gryffindor as much as I like fire. But I can see how ravenclaw wouldn't be very fiery.

A long Time ago, I would have been massively disappointed to have been housed with an element like air. It would have made me upset and question my self worth. But today when I saw it, I was very happy to have gotten air. because air is awesome. Like tornadoes. All about perspective. Um, I think that's all. :)

Ps. That's so weird that some of my colored font worked, but most of it didn't. And only the fire colors too. The air, earth, and water ones failed as usual. Blog is really not letting me change colors. Except for those two paragraphs today. Highly odd.

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