Thursday, July 28, 2011

You'll probably want to skip this one... just saying.

What good is a blog if you can't use it occasionally to lash out at the world?

Don't worry. I don't hate life. Just some of the people in it. Be warned, though, if you don't want to read about some of my pet peeves, you should probably skip this post. You won't be missing much.

I have many a random, tiny pet peeve. They're mostly stupid and illogical. Like people leaving the bathroom light on. For some reason that drives me up the wall. But that isn't what I'm annoyed with today.

If there are two things I hate, it's quitters and word-breakers. And I just discovered that I live in a ward full of them.

Alright, alright, that's a very harsh thing to say. How about a ward half-full of them.

I'll get over it soon. It's really not that big of a deal. Like at all. There is no life and death involved in the story I'm about to relate. But this sort of thing happens to me so often that it's hard for me to not start to hate society over it.

The Story

This past spring/summer we've had an intramural team. In spring we played kickball. In summer we played softball.

Spring was great. We had loads of people, and only had to play one game without a full team. Sadly it was the last game, and we came in 2nd instead of first in the championship. But it was still good and we had fun. And it was all fine and dandy.

Summer started good. We had so many people sign up that we couldn't put them all on the roster. They had to call around and find out who was actually serious about coming in order to decide who to keep. And our first game was the same. We had to rotate so many players that we almost had enough for a second team.

The second game was awesome. We kicked serious butt. But not too long after that, a bunch of people were out of town, so we played with a skeleton staff and lost horrifically. During said skeleton staffed games, there were several people who had promised to be there, since most of our regulars were gone.

Yeah, they never showed up. That happened twice. We were only just barely, barely able to not forfeit. We haven't played with a full team since.

And here we are, halfway through the tournament rounds. We've been losing, because of our shortage of people, but we've been playing really well despite that. Our team is actually really good. We had a brilliant chance of winning this thing.

Yes, I say had. Because we had another game tonight. And all of 4 people promised to come. Only 3 of them for sure. One was all wishy washy about it. (One of the same who didn't show at a previous game and almost ruined it for us, so I don't really trust them anyway.) So basically, we're just gonna quit halfway through the tournament.

I know it's because some people had to go out of town, and it's not their fault. But there are enough people here that we could've played. They were just too busy. Translation: didn't feel like it.

Why I'm Angry

Like I said, not the end of the world. Just summer intramurals. So why am I ticked at 20 or so of my neighbors?

A) Because I hate quitting stuff. It's even hard for me to exit out of a computer game when I have to go somewhere. I've only quit something big like a team once in my life. It was 10th grade soccer. I didn't even have a good reason. And I am STILL mad at myself for doing it. Ten years later.

A team of people is a whole lot different than a computer game. Yes, it is still just a game, but it's a social thing. A team. People working together to accomplish something. People relying on other people, and interacting together. Quitting on a team is akin to betrayal. And forcing an entire team to quit halfway through something that they've started because of not caring enough to keep your promises is one of the top things on my I-Will-Hate-You-Forever-If-You-Do-This list.

B) It's a BYU intramural team. Since I'm not a student anymore, I had to pay actual money to be on it. Most of the people are students, so they got to do it for free. And therefore, they don't care about other people's inconveniences. Since they personally don't lose anything by not showing up, they don't even pause to think about the people who do. I payed to play softball, and now I don't even get to.

C) Keeping your word. Apparently in the world we live in, people's promises don't mean anything anymore. It used to be that signing up for a team or a project meant "Yes, I will come." I guess now it just means "Hey, this could be fun. I may or may not actually do it, but it's the thought that counts right?"

Not right. Your thought does not count at all. If you say you will be somewhere, just do it.

D) It has NOT been convenient for me to be on this team. I work afternoons and nights, and I've had to take shifts off of work for nearly every game we've played. Essentially meaning that I've payed in over 100$ to be on this team. That's a freaking lot for a broke person.

So all the people who are whiny about "oh, I have too much to do" or "oh, I just got off work and I'm tired" etc... I say unto you, shut your face. I made a very concerted effort to be there because I signed up to do it and I keep my word. It was not easy or convenient, but I did it. Where's your excuse now?

E) I HATE word-breakers. If you haven't gotten that message yet already, I'll say it again. I seriously HATE it when people promise to do things and then flake out. Hate.

**note: Sometimes there are valid excuses. Like "my parents surprised me and flew in" or "I couldn't get my work shift off" or "my sister just had her baby today". So don't think I'm too much of a jerk. But if you can't come, at least tell us. Don't just not show.

F) I used to play baseball all the time as a child. I don't get to anymore. In fact, ever since 90% of my peers got married and started having kids, I don't get to do much of anything anymore, except babysit. I signed up for the team because I NEED to do something besides sit at my computer all day. I really, really want to play.

But apparently no one cares. It's not a real thing to them. Just some random activity. I seriously don't have any friends who care about the same things I do, except like 2 who live hundreds of miles away.

G) Also, I'm not good at being social. This was one way for me to try really hard to put myself out there and get involved in the community. And lo and behold, no one else even cares about it. Thank you for crushing me back into the hermit-ness from which I sprang.

Alright, there are more things I could go into. But I won't. For your sake. If you're still reading this, I applaud your determination. As a reward, you may now eat some ice cream and pretend it's from me.

Actually, I may go and do the same.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hello again to all my friends,

I haven't blogged in basically forever. There are two reasons for this. A: I haven't had any blog post ideas. B: Absolutely nothing has changed in my life in the weeks since my last post. And that includes still being homeless for fall/winter. I thought I had a place. I was so glad to be done with my housing search. And then the complex owners sold it out from under me. It was a lovely mess.

That said, I thought I'd make a post, despite the fact that I don't know what to put on it.

I did wake up with a very interesting image in my head this morning.

Bursts of flame followed each step he took. One wrong step, one slight hesitation, and he’d be toast. Very literally. He’d have laughed at his little joke, but the belly of a volcano was no place for such things.

Bare feet flying, he leapt nimbly from stone to stone, leaving each one just as it sank away into the magma. There would be no turning back.

I thought that was rather intriguing. I mean, it's the opening scene, and we see this guy sprinting full out through a volcano. Barefoot.

Why is he in a volcano? And why the heck is he barefoot? Seriously?

I don't know the answer. But I very much intend to find out.