Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh, the humanity

There were about 12 things I wanted to blog about today, and I just couldn't decide which of them to choose.

Then I got another hate comment on my animals post. You know the one. Where I took a hypocritical book, stripped down its argument, and then got called an evil and misguided (insert expletive here) for it.

I'm pretty sure that people have blinders on. All the time. Even when I explain my point of view as clearly as I possibly can, people still misunderstand me. As happened again today. Despite the fact that I clearly explained that I don't condone animal cruelty, I got "called out" again. This time much less civilly than Jed.

I appreciated Jed's comment, because even though he was angry and willfully misunderstanding me, he expressed himself well. His comment was concise. It was clear. It was semi-rational.

Not so with this latest one.

Don't go to the post looking for it though. I deleted it. I'm not hurt by it, but I don't tolerate blatant rudeness and profanity just for the sake of proving how tough I am. So believe me or not as you will. It's not in the least important.

This is the comment I left in its place:

Dear rational and competent adults,

Oh wait. I don't see any here. 

But for those who do care, I deleted the last comment. Not because I can't argue against it. Not because I am hurt or offended. 

I deleted it because I'm stupidity intolerant. (Sadly, they don't have meds for this yet.)

A vituperative comment with an excess of three expletives crosses that line. Especially when it comes from someone who can't even own up to their own irrationally angry words. 

For anyone who ever reads this post in the future, I'm going to give you some guidelines:

-Keep it rational. 
-Keep it civil.
-And for the love of bacon, don't go around leaving anonymous comments and thinking you're all that. If it's not something you'd say with your name next to it, don't say it.

If you don't follow these rules, your comment will be deleted. End of story. 

And it is the end of the story. I don't expect any of the people who regularly read this blog to actually have a problem with this. But just in case, follow the rules. If you don't, I'll delete you. No questions. No exceptions.


Simkins said...

I love bacon, but I usually start my sentences with, "for the love of monkeys..."


you should post the orginal comment (censored of course) so we can judge for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to leave a comment.

Oh yeah, and tell you that you're awesome!

Jenny said...

People are petty and confrontational.

You are cooler than most people I know.

I support your decision to erase anonymous and childish hate from your blog.