Thursday, March 15, 2012

Psychoanalyze My Dreams

Just for fun, we were discussing this topic at work. It got me thinking. (Not seriously. I won't turn into Professor Trelawny. But just curiously.)

Because I'm a dork, and also quite frequently bored, I actually considered starting yet another blog for the sole purpose of getting people to analyze my many bizarre dreams.

Then I realized that this would probably make me even weirder than I already am.

I haven't completely dismissed the idea, though.  But in the interim, here's a fun exercise for you.

The Game

My dreams are pretty consistent in a few ways. For example, I've only twice (in my memory) had dreams that were truly terrifying. The kind that you wake up from covered in sweat, breathing hard, and sitting bolt upright. And one of those was because I had fallen asleep only minutes after watching Secret Window.

Needless to say, I haven't watched it since.

So here's the game. I give a list of recurring themes in my dreams, and you guys decide what that says about my personality. Leave your answer in the comments or on the facebook link.

When you're done, click Here to see what some of our answers were.

  • All about me
I always take a very active part in my dreams. I'm always in them, doing and saying things. I can't think of a single dream where I was just watching, or was so minor that I didn't matter.

  • The Hero
I have a lot of murder mystery dreams, but I'm never the victim. I'm always the detective, and I always solve the case.

I have a lot of zombie dreams too. In them, I'm always at the front lines of the war/invasion. I almost always have my machete, and I'm pretty dang good at keeping the zombies at bay. I'm always clever too. When I don't have good weapons, I always find things nearby that work amazingly well.

I've even held off Daleks with my quick thinking.

I'm never afraid or nervous. I just do what has to be done.

Frequently in the zombie, mystery, or other adventures, I protect people. When the zombies are invading my house, I stand at the top of the stair case, hacking away at them while the others can set up their defenses properly. Rather like Gimli and Aragorn in the battle of Helm's Deep.

Basically, I'm always super awesome, super heroic, and super brave.

  • Real people
Real life people are quite often in my dreams too, but they're never important.

The sidekicks are always there for either comic relief, or just because they randomly are. None of them are ever helpful. Sometimes they're the opposite, like the time Daphne accidentally instigated a massive ghost infestation.

When they're victims, I'm usually trying to save their lives somehow. Or save them from being used in a nefarious plan.

When they're the bad guys, the dreams are pretty accurate to real life. And by that I don't mean that these people are actually bad. I just mean, it shows what kind of villain they would be in the unlikely case that they did turn evil.

At any rate, the main point is that I am always the most important person in my dreams, and any real people in them are either relegated to my "go buy me donuts" list, saved by me, or crushed under the heel of my awesomeness.

  • My deficiencies
I don't have many of them in dreamland.

There's only one thing I'm ever actually afraid of. Even in the 'being chased and falling down a hole' dreams, I'm not scared. Dead bodies, ravenous zombies, invading Daleks, and serial killers don't phase me in the least (Even though some of them would in real life).

But demons. They even creep me out in my invincible dream-hero alter ego.

Also, sometimes I have those dreams where you try to punch, but no matter what you do, you just can't get any power behind it. Or you try to run, and no matter what, you just can't go faster than chilled molasses. Even then, I'm not scared. Just super annoyed.

But generally, I don't have any problems. I'm just spectacular all the time.

What do these things say about my personality? 


Simkins said...

I have a comment, but no way to type quickly. I will do it Sunday

Simkins said...

On the Interpretation of Dreams: A Treatise

Interpreting dreams is neither art nor science. It is most decidedly a labor of the insane. Why, you ask?
1) Interpreting a dream is like interpreting a poem. A futile attempt that English teachers make to have you like poetry. Looking for symbols in poetry, in my opinion, has to be the single most pointless venture ever. I can do it, anyone really can: especially those with active imaginations. You can put any interpretation to any symbol. Which leads me to…
2) Because all interpretations are subject to those that give them. Freud would have you believe that all dreams are sexual. only gives answers in the most vague of terms. Even I can do that. You spoke of being a detective, yes?

To dream that you are a detective symbolizes that something in your waking life is askew. You are searching for answers to your problem and more often than not come to red herrings. To solve the mystery in your dreams means that you will soon come to an epiphany in your life.
Contrariwise, a detective is a symbol of knowledge. You may find yourself lording your knowledge over your friends or acquaintances. Puzzles hold no challenge over you.

See, pure insanity. It gives two meanings, which are diametrically opposed to each other. Dreams in my worlds mean almost absolutely nothing. Your dreams, to me, sound like a person that has been reading a lot of fantasy and mystery novels. You may also be watching a show where someone of supreme intelligence figures out the solution to every problem, sometimes at the last minute. (And according to your Facebook statuses I know that this is what you are doing)
Your mind is attempting to take in all the stimuli you have had and make sense of it all. At one point in my life I read too many Clue books (most awesome things ever) and had many disturbing dreams. I dreamt of bombs, murder mysteries, and friends in dolphin costumes. What does that all mean? It meant that I needed to take a break from a genre for a while.
There are other times that dreams do mean something. These ones are usually the ones that you cannot definitively explain by the stimuli that you have received. Pay attention to these, but do not worry if you don’t understand them and never will until that aha moment you will get when the problem arises and you know what to do.
The best advice I can give on interpreting dreams and asking for interpretations, take them with a grain of salt. Just because you saw red doesn’t mean that you contain energy, or the lack thereof ( and search for red. It is near the bottom). Take dreams for what they are, or can become: great stories. Some people need drugs to see the hallucinations that lead to stories (inexpert opinion of how Alice in Wonderland came about [or quite possibly he had that dream, weird mathematicians]), but all you need to do is close your eyes.