Sunday, September 2, 2012

Outfit of the Day - Retro Chic

Classy. Vintage. You could walk into a black tie affair with this outfit and blend right in. You've got something from five different decades, all working together for that retro chic finish.

The key here, and I really emphasize this point, is the footwear. 

Fashion Tip: Never, (And I do mean never) wear sandals without socks. 

As you can see here, we have a classic Adidas slip on, typical of about 1997. The socks, of course, are both  tie dye and homemade. This is where we bring in the 1970's. To the untrained eye, these two years may seem to clash, but do not be deceived. Mismatched tie dye is the new black. 

Let's return to the main wardrobe. Yet another faux pas that a novice might be guilty of is choosing a long pant. Many one-time fashions can be considered retro. This is not one of them. Shorts every time. 

Fashion tip: Short length must be carefully considered. Too far above the knee, and you run the risk of looking mainstream. Too far below, and they no longer qualify as short. 

Double shirt. I'll say it again. Double. Shirt. One 80's t-shirt can stand on its own, but why should it? By adding the plaid button-up, we go from 'typical 80's pop' to 'punk cowboy'.

As a side note, do not button the plaid. By doing so, you conceal the neon paint splatter, thus rendering it redundant.

Fashion tip: Stripes and dots don't match, but plaid and neon paint splatter do. 

Before we leave for the day, there is one last thing to address. Accessories, accessories, accessories. No outfit is complete without them.

Straw hats are all the rage, these days, and friendship bracelets can never be wrong. Just make sure that your Hogwarts house colors are accurately reflected.

Fashion tip: Gryffindor house colors are scarlet and gold. NOT maroon. Never, ever maroon. 

Yes, the bracelets are very helpful, but more important is the mockingjay. Always plastic, never metal. This is a fashion law that is very difficult to explain. Just know that it holds true in all circles. But back to the design: mockingjays are indispensable. The ultra-modern appeal gives the retro just the right touch.

(All members of the resistance, meet at midnight in the place of secrets.) 

Well, that should be enough for now. See you next time, for another session of "Outfit of the Day".

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