Thursday, August 14, 2014

Actually, flogging is far too good for internet trolls.

Whatever religion you are (whether atheist, agnostic, some various christian denomination, or even the complete other end of the spectrum, with the most ultra-strict sect on earth) there are always things that the majority of humankind has in common. And one of those things is the belief that humans should be treated with humanity.

I hope the profundity of that word choice is not lost on you. That you really feel how powerful it is that we linguistically equate kindness and decency with what it means to be human.

I don't think anyone reading this could formulate any sort of argument for the other side. No matter how you insist that humans do not deserve the decency of a charitable hand and the benefit of a doubt, the world at large would rise up against you and state with the authority of a million million voices that you are incontrovertibly wrong.

I've seen it happen.

The 9-11 attacks are one such example. In the months following those plane crashes, no one stood up and said "So some people died. Who cares? They were probably annoying corporate jerks anyway." No one insisted that we just chill out, because the loss of human life didn't actually matter. Instead, dozens of people formed immediate rescue teams, risking life and limb to help those trapped in the wreckage. Hundreds of firefighters, cops, emt workers, and even ordinary civilians joined the ranks shortly thereafter. Thousands of people spread the word of courageous acts and selfless assistance given. And millions of people felt a little surge of pride in the way that humanity had come together.

Why, then, do internet trolls even exist? If we do, as a whole, agree that feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and comforting the downtrodden are the worthiest of goals, why do we, as individuals, work so hard to bring about the opposite?

Yeah, humans are flaky by nature. We forget things so quickly. This post 9-11 world isn't so different from the pre-attack. Not anymore, anyway. We constantly need reminders.


Tell me, who benefits from saying "Ooooh, dat gurl so ugly!"

What material or spiritual gain comes from "This is the stupidest @#%$ video ever. &^%#$%@ moron!"

Is anybody anywhere in the world better off because you made sure to let people know that some arbitrary chick's wedding dress is heinous, or because you drove a young girl completely out of social media by making evil commentary about the loss of her father, or by threatening death to someone who believes in a different religion than you do?

Well, are they?

You don't have an answer to that, because there isn't one. Nobody is better off, including the troll who said it. No one gains anything. No one wins anything. The net worth of trolling comments is completely negative. If you gain nothing whatsoever, it would seem logical that the most selfish thing to do would be to stop altogether. And the most humane thing to do would be to stop altogether.

Funny how we're all on the same side of this, and yet we continue to taunt. To jeer. To tear down. To post derp faces, and undisguised political propaganda, and vitriolic comments.

I'm not perfect. I've said dumb things before too. We all do. But HUMANS ARE BETTER THAN THAT. We've all seen it. We know what we can do when we come together. So come together, already.


I would like to make a brief comment on the difference between constructive criticism and trolling. One is helpful, and the other is purposeless. "This song sucks" is trolling. "I like the chorus, but bridge doesn't connect very well. It's often helpful to use a g chord in this instance. See if that helps." is constructive feedback.

Learn the difference. Love it. Use it.

Peace out.

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