Monday, October 31, 2011


There are certain times of the year when a person's real and true inner self shines through for the world to see. Halloween is one of those times.

And no, I don't mean all the nerdboxes like me who go all out and also wear their costumes at least 3 times the week of. (If you're going to do it at all, do it right. Yes?)

I mean all those people who cop out. On halloween, we can see the inner lame-scape of some of our fellow humans.

Things that qualify as terrible costumes: (Which I've seen almost all of today)

  • Your old karate gi
  • Your nurse scrubs from work
  • Completely normal clothes with a hat that's supposed to count as something.
  • Trying to pretend that the normal clothes you are wearing have some sort of theme.
  • Pajamas
  • "This is my costume" signs. (Probably the most retarded of all).
  • Your exercise getup
  • Sports Fan
  • Trying to make a real costume for literally 4 seconds before quitting and going as is. (See picture. Lady Gaga?)
  • Deuschy puns
  • Being scantily clad doesn't automatically count as dressing up.
  • Oodles of fake blood for no reason
  • "myself". (Almost as bad as "this is my costume")
  • 80's girl (This was cool once, but has since become the ultimate cop out)
  • Anything where other people can't actually tell that you're in a costume.

A clue: No.

That is all. I just wrote this post because I feel so bad for people sometimes. They have no idea how pitiful they look.

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