Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My subconscious is a lot more interesting than I am

I had another one of those random dreams. But this time it was much less the super action adventure, and much more of the super cheesy. Which is really unusual for me. My subconscious must have been in a very sentimental mood, because it even cried during one part which, if I had been awake, would have been sad, but certainly not sob worthy.

You know how dreams are. It's really hard to describe them because the details are sort of an impression, and not so much concrete things. And this one was a lot more like that. But I'll summarize it. It starts out in sort of Jane Austen-y times, except that girls and boys can both go to school.

Basically, boy meets girl. They're at a school where they aren't supposed to hang out very much. Boys and girls are pretty separate.
But they become friends anyway and spend lots and lots of summer afternoons doing utterly random things. Boy falls for girl. Girl really likes boy, but there are complications. Ie her father and past hurt.

<= Boy meets girl

She doesn't trust that he really loves her. Like, she knows that he cares for her, but she doesn't believe it's enough to overcome
whatever opposition is going to come their way. Plus they're still in school. They met at maybe age 6 and started liking each other as teens, so they're very young.

By the time they're fourteen or fifteen, boy is completely smitten. Girl realizes that she, too, loves him, but again with the complications. Her dad has basically forbidden her from ever seeing boy again. She's supposed to marry a rich, hoity toity type.

=> Smitten whilst at school

Girl continues to see boy anyway. One afternoon, they sneak away into the school's campus chapel (it's apparently like a catholic boarding school or something) while a service is happening, because that's one of the only places that they won't be called out for being together. Boy has no idea anything is wrong, but girl is getting a lot of family pressure, and is starting to be afraid again that boy will leave, so she's trying to distance herself.

Boy holds her hand and kisses her on the forehead. She pulls away, and he's dumbfounded. "What's wrong?" "Nothing" etc. The usual banter. Finally girl just straight up tells boy the problem. She tells him how they're both way too young anyway, and they can't be together, but she wants to be.

<= He kisses her on the forehead

And she says, "How long will you love me?"

Without hesitation, boy answers, "forever."

Girl asks, "Even if you have to wait for me?"

"Of course."

"How long will you wait for me?" She asks, and this is the clincher question.

Again, without any hesitation, "as long as it takes."

She's somewhat doubtful, because she knows that no one can wait forever, but she is at least sure that his feelings at the moment are 100% for her. She smiles, he smiles, and they continue as they were, holding hands, cuddling, and making snide comments to disrupt the service and laughing raucously about them.

Then comes the time warp. Yeah, I know. apparently my imagination is very limited. It's just not capable of coming up with a story that doesn't involve some kind of grossly exaggerated action. In this case, the fact that over two centuries have passed, but the two main characters haven't aged more than 10 years.

Boy is walking down a somewhat run down city street. He looks depressed, like his reason for living is slowly slipping away from him. He passes a vaguely familiar building, which is now very modernized and covered in graffiti. This is when we find out what happened to him. (Yes, in a dramatic graffiti montage. Like I said, no such thing as a straight cheesy story in my brain.)

The camera closes in on the pictures on the wall, (yes, just like a movie), which are a sort of painted slideshow. Sad music starts to play. The first one shows a boy and a girl, barely old enough to be in school getting into mischief together and grinning absurdly while they climb a ladder leading to the roof of the very same building on which the picture is painted.

The second picture shows the same boy and girl a few years later, still goofing off, and still having loads of fun in their summer shenanigans. The pictures continue, the sad music intensifies, and we see the boy and girl grow up together until they are about seventeen. They start to get a sadder looking in the pictures as well, and finally the pictures end. (This is the part where my subconscious totally broke down and cried, along with Boy, who bawled his eyes out).

=> Goodbye

Boy realizes that the crazy lady that hung around outside their school must have watched them play for all those years and painted them, because the boy and girl are unmistakably him and his friend. We learn from this that they stayed together for a few more years after the chapel scene, but something happened that eventually made them go their separate ways.

Girl's father had something to do with it, though Boy doesn't know exactly what. And Boy had to join the navy in order to meet expenses, because he was poor, unlike girl. He has just gotten back from sailing the world with the navy, is carrying his sea bag over his shoulder, and trudging down a street that should have been familiar, but has changed so much in the intervening years that it only makes him feel worse.

<= Sailor coming home

Suddenly Boy knows what he needs to do. In the middle of the night, he sneaks to Girl's house, crosses the treacherous yard like a commando (the father doesn't trust anyone), and breaks into the house to find his one true love.

At this point it becomes a little vague, because my brain sort of split into two different endings. The first ending is that he finds girl in her room, looking very sad. She sees him in the mirror. He sees her. And she learns that not only did he wait for her after all, but that he waited for two whole centuries. She never should have doubted him, and they run off together to be married and live happily ever after.

The second ending is a lot more complicated and involves more time travel. When boy goes searching for Girl at her house, he discovers that she isn't there. Because, obviously, sailing the world for two centuries isn't going to allow for things to be the same at home. He's only about 25 or so, but the rest of the world moved on without him. I imagine that this has something to do with his love for Girl being the thing that kept him alive or some such cheese.

Somehow her house is still there, but some random people live in it, and I think one of them actually knew what happened. Like I said, this part got a little more vague. So Boy had to make a treacherous journey through some caves where he had to find out something or get something for the one guy who knew what happened (and secretly caused it all).

Then the guy would send Boy back to his original time where he would be able to find girl, tell her that he waited two centuries for her and still came back to find her, and then they would live happily ever after.



Jenny said...

that is intriguing. and very reminiscent of Somewhere in Time...

Sra said...

Huh. I've never seen that. Maybe it's stalking me.

Jenny said...

starring christopher reeve. it's a lovely, creepy movie.