Sunday, February 13, 2011

So yeah, I'm a nerd

Yeah, it's true. I make harry potter wands. And not just stupid little "I took a stick and shaved the bark off of it" kind. I make serious wands. Well, as serious as they get when I don't own power tools anyway.

It's super nerdy, I know. But here's the thing. A) I have a really hard time just sitting still. If a movie is good enough, I can be enthralled by it. But generally speaking, I usually need to be doing like four things at the same time.

B) I'm not too bad at it. If I'm gonna spend my abundant spare time doing something, it might as well be creative, constructive, and (if possible) lucrative.

Alright. You're on to me. This is an ad.

So I set up an etsy store. I know lots of people do that, and half the junk on there is really lame. But I figured I could offer people something super unique.
  • A wand that looks nice. You would be excited to take it to your potter parties and movie premiers.
  • You aren't gonna pay like 50 bucks for it. Let's face it, as fancy as some of those wands are, they're made by a freakin machine. It probably is worth about 5 bucks, not 50. Give or take how expensive your electric bill is. The hours I put into mine are so much more than those other people. They charge high because they can.
  • Something you won't be afraid to touch. Yes, lots of those other wands look really nice, but if I bought one, especially at those prices, I'd be afraid of even picking it up, let alone bringing it anywhere. It's too fancy. You won't buy one of those for your child. Not in a million years.
  • Some have designs that you can't do on a lathe.
  • A personal touch. Made by a potter fan, not a money fan. And a fan who can do basic calligraphy on parchment paper, besides.

Anyway, I made lots of these for fun. They started getting better as I made more. One day someone said to me, "you should totally sell these". I was like "uh huh. Right. What do I do, go up to someone and say 'hey, pay me money to play with exacto knives?' Or not."

But I realized it didn't have to be a legitimate, I'm-an-entrepreneur-now type deal. That's what's so great about etsy. So I did it. And people have actually purchased things from me. I was seriously surprised at how fast I started getting orders in. It's so great.

So this is a plug for me. Just check it out, even if you don't want to buy. Tell a friend. Something.

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Nicole said...

Um, you're awesome. That is all.