Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I want to be like Miss Marple when I'm old.

Some people have silly goals in life like get married or have a successful career. Mine is nothing nearly so trivial. 

I WILL beat Agatha Christie. I will not be outdone by Miss Marple. Again.

She gets me every time. And I keep trying. And she keeps fooling me. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. No one else makes me feel so much like I'm not as smart as I think I am. 

There are two parts to being a good detective. One: Finding the right clues. I'm good at this part. I see stuff and notice little subtle hints. It's just the second part I'm horrible at. 

Once you find the clues, you've got to know what to do with them. What they actually mean. That's where I fail. 

Agatha Christie is just so GOOD. So clever and knowledgeable about human nature. Decades ago she knew exactly what people like me would think, and knew exactly how to trick us into thinking other things. And knew exactly how to set it up so perfectly, logically, and clearly that we feel completely moronic for not seeing it in the first place. 

Just... just.... 


Maybe I keep reading because the day that I figure out an Agatha Christie novel before the end is the day that I finally feel justified in thinking of myself as an intelligent person. 

This is Miss Marple in the series I've been watching lately. She's definitely my favorite interpretation of her thus far. Most of the others are all crotchety and stuff. This one's hilarious and adorable, but oh so clever. Which I think fits Agatha Christie's version the best. 

Also, she reminds me a LOT of my grandma. You know, except that she's funny, clever, spry, and not-crazy.

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