Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sometimes bandwagons are ok... maybe?

Only 2 days ago I wrote a note on facebook, and I mentioned in it that I would probably not start a blog, because I didn't have enough to say, and I'd probably abandon it before long. This may still prove true. However, boredom plus lots of time has led me here despite it all. I never had a problem with the blog bandwagon, actually. I just never understood them until now. Not that I now have a thorough, in depth, and totally complete knowledge of them, but I see where people are coming from. And despite my personal abhorrence of all things fashionable and popular (by popular I mean like the preppy kid in high school popular, not like a really good book popular), I, too, have jumped onto this bandwagon.
Now you may wonder why I call this blog "The surface of the sun". I have many reasons. One of them being that it is part of a movie quote. Movie quotes are an inextricable part of my life. They comprise half of my conversation. More if I'm talking to someone who is also fluent in movie quote. No, I haven't seen more movies than the average 24 year old. But I remember good lines from them better than I remember most people's names. Oh, and if you're wondering, this particular one is from jungle 2 jungle. "What do you call this place again? The surface of the sun?"
Anyway, the other reason is sort of two part, but they both have to do with imagination. For one thing, it's really mysterious and cool sounding, thinking about visiting the surface of the sun, partly because it's so out of reach scientifically. That leaves it as a place solely inhabited by the imagination. So it sounds awesome and makes your brain go a little out of reality. Plus the words look really cool in yellow and red on a black background. Also, imagination is a huge part of my being. Even more than movie quotes. I survive on the craziness in my head. No, I'm not schizophrenic. Neither am I tripping on anything. But sometimes if you knew the awesomeness that comes and goes in my head, you might think I am. I could make a movie that gives Yellow Submarine a run for its money.
That brings me to the point of having a blog. What will I put on here? I have no clue. It's gonna be a fly by the seat of my pants deal. But mostly it'll probably be an outlet for my cranium. A figurative usb port hooked directly into my brain. Sort of like a pensieve. Like Dumbledore says, sometimes it helps to clear thoughts out of the way. It shall serve as a record of some of the many random ideas, dreams, and realizations that I have. Most especially when there's no one else around to impress with my astounding genius. *cough*
I like how I speak in incomplete sentences half the time. But most of those kinds of grammar rules only apply to school essays and scientific journals. It drives me absolutely crazy when people spell things horribly wrong. Especially there, they're, and their. And your and you're. And two, to, and too. *shudders*. It seriously bothers me. Like in an ocd way. Or when someone puts no punctuation at all in something. It's not because I care about it being right. It's because I can't tell what in the world it's supposed to say. Eats shoots and leaves, or Eats, shoots, and leaves. So clarifying things is way important. But I'm all about creative freedom when writing. I like it when what I write sounds like what I would say out loud. I think it's absolutely retarded when people write all formally, and try to sound smart and use huge words that they probably just looked up in the dictionary. Scientific journals are the biggest waste of paper ever. This is because the only people who can even understand them are the people who already know about what the article is talking about. If you can't explain something in plain words, without using all the technical terms, then you don't really know what you're talking about. Yes technical terms can be more specified and therefore accurate, but if you can't tell someone what the term means with out using the term itself, you are not as smart as you think you are.
That's something else you should know about me as we go in to this endeavor. I ramble. Like a lot. And I go on for ages just to make sure you really understand my point. I have a complex about being misunderstood. Sorry about that ahead of time. Now I could go on here and list loads of other stuff that describes me. I could tell some of my favorite past times, foods, or games. But most of those things will be revealed during the natural course of the blog posts. There's no point in redundancy. So, as it took me long enough to set this up that it's now almost 2 am, I really should sleep. So away to dreamland I venture. If you were able to follow even half of this, props to you. If you even found my blog already, even more props to you.
I was about to write "parting is such sweet sorrow", but that line is one of the ones where Shakespeare just was dumb. What was the sweet part of their parting? All I could see was the sorrow of not being together. Whatever. Anyway, onward to bed, and forward to blog posts that may or may not make a whole lot more sense. Laters.

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