Friday, February 26, 2010

What I mean when I say "amateur photographer"

<= My camera and me have a special bond.

I got a new camera today! YAY! New technology is always super fun. Ive been planning to get a new camera for a while, since my old one started having a sticky zoom, and having worn out buttons. Plus its getting even slower than it already was. This is my old camera. => I love it. It's been with me through many an adventure. I will always have a special place for it, but it really is rather beat up. It's been dropped and mashed, and abused for several years, and deserves a semi-peaceful retirement.

This is my new camera.
It is also super awesome. And it is also a Canon. I discovered that I have an attachment to Canons as well. I've messed around with lots of people's cameras, especially out in GA. And I've just always liked mine better. Maybe because that's what I'm used to? Dunno. Probably. Other people's have features that would be super cool, that I either don't have, or can't find on my Canons. But I like everything else about them, like the menu layouts, and the buttons on the back, etc, so much better that I still like mine most. Especially compared to Kodaks. Bleh. Those cameras are crappy AND user un-friendly. Nikons are good cameras, but I always have trouble adjusting to the way the menus are. Canons are my friends. Plus I have one of those super cool print from your camera printers, and its a Canon printer, so that did influence my decision a little. I don't have to worry about compatibility.

There was this other camera that I was trying to choose between. They're both Canons. The only real difference is that the one had more features, and was a little more complex and awesome. It had a 20x optical zoom, which was fabulous. I really really wanted that optical zoom. Like a lot. And it had one of those screens that pops out and twists around. So that was super spiffy. And in the viewfinder, you could see all the display options just like on the screen on the back. That was cool too. I'm sure there were way more things that were different and better about it, but those were the only things I was really able to appreciate at an amateur level. Pretty much everything I was looking at in the cameras besides the zoom was the same, so as much as I really really really wanted that super sweet 20x zoom, I didn't feel justified in spending 200 extra dollars for it.

This is the first thing I noticed about my new camera, and it's one thing that was actually cooler than the more expensive one. Check out that massive screen. Seriously, it's like almost as big as my whole old camera. For real. That silver one is only about 3/4 of an inch longer than just the screen on the black one. And look how tiny its screen is. I put these pics next to each other so you can kind of see the difference, but the scale is different in them, so its harder to tell. Just trust me, though. It's a major difference. And also remember, I have pretty stubby fingers. So in the silver picture, that can help.
This is my new camera closed up. As you can see in the pic, it has a 10x optical zoom, which isn't shabby. That 20x was way cool, but 10x will certainly get me through the tough times. It also has 10 megapixels. The other one had like 12.1 or something random like that. That is a better option, but I didn't really care about it so much, because I'm pretty much never going to be blowing any pics up big enough to see the difference. 10 megapixels is more than sufficient for my needs. In other news, they both have a face finder thing, but I don't really even know what the point of that is. However I would like to mention that neither of those came with those dumb smile and blink sensors. If I want to take a pic of someone not smiling, I am able to without warning lights. The only thing I really dislike about my new camera is that for some reason it will only let you take black and white pics or sepia pics on the manual settings. If I'm in the landscape or the portrait, or the auto setting I can't. I do not at all understand why. Especially because I could on my old silver Canon. (which I just decided to dub Hi Ho Silver). But I guess all I can do with that is just figure out how to use some of the manual settings. *shrug*

This is my new camera open. It's still a point and shoot, and not even close to one of those spiffy fancy ones with the removable lenses and everything. But it's cool enough looking to make me look like somewhat less of an idiot when I have it attached to my tripod. At least people will say "eh, maybe" when they see me, instead of something like "what in the world?" or "hahaha. no idea what she's doing." Which is what it looks like when you have those little teeny, super skinny point and shoots on top of a tripod. Although, according to my photographer ex roommate, the fact that you're using a tripod at all does add to credibility. Even if all you own is a cheapo little slim-line something or other camera. She has also said in the past, good equipment helps, but if you don't have the talent, it doesn't really matter. You can be terrible at taking pics, and the best cameras won't help at all. But if you're really good, you can even get the occasional decent picture out of those disposable cameras they sometimes have at weddings and stuff. Those are pretty not so great cameras, but the point is valid. If you're good, you can work with whatever you've got.

Not that I think I'm good. I most certainly am not. Especially not compared to the aforementioned ex roommate. I lived with her for way too long to ever appreciate substandard work the same way. Because she really is good. She even had issues with this sweet awesome James Dean poster we had up. (His nose was blurry, which I only started noticing after she mentioned it to me). I've lived with/been friends with multiple people since then who are either photo majors, or are trying to break into the model and photo shoot industry, and none of them are anywhere near. At all. I'm not saying they're useless, though. I've seen a couple of pretty awesome pics come out of these endeavors. Especially this awesome one of a stone angel by my old MTC comp. But as general talent goes, they all fall short of my old roomie. For this reason, even if I wanted to pursue a professional photo career (which I certainly don't), I would have recognized greatness and bowed in defeat long before now.

On the other hand, though, I still do really enjoy taking pictures. And I've taken a few in my time that I consider to be actually pretty awesome, even if they'll never be professional. And since I have zero aspirations toward the professional realm, I think that I'm doing quite well. I'm especially excited to try out my new camera on a sunset some time in the near future. I also plan to use it freely at my friend's wedding in May. (No, I am not her actual photographer. I am the trying very hard to capture awesome candid moments on video and in pictures person. Because the pro's don't really do that much. Yes, she did actually ask me to do that, like before she even got engaged.) So funny, random note: This one week THREE of my friends got officially engaged, and another (my sister) is still in the unofficial, but pretty sure it will happen stage. In this same week, another friend expecting a baby made the official public statement about it. (I did know before hand. I'm that special. (:O ) Later in this next week another friend of mine will find out whether they're having a boy or a girl. It has certainly been eventful around here.

Ok, Back to the point of this... oh wait. I pretty much finished telling all about my sweet new camera. OH WAIT! There is one more so cool and awesome thing about it. So look back to the picture of the back of the camera. Notice the little round button thing. Almost all cameras have those, yes. Hi Ho Silver does too. BUT.... how many of those cameras have a button that spins?Seriously, it's totally just like an ipod wheel. You can scroll with it and everything. It's so cool.

K, so if you want to, you can look at my facebook albums to look at pics I've taken. Most of the albums are just random pics of people and things, more for fun and memories than anything. But this one:
is the one that has the pics in it that I like the best. If you're pro and stuff, don't judge me. I don't pretend they're like super art. They're just my own little version of photo art. But I like them. There are also some ok ones in the temple square folder and the 20 xty six folder, but notice I say ok, not super awesome. Hi Ho Silver never did so great with Christmas lights, and the stairs and stuff were just an attempt that I didn't really find much success in. So yeah, I like taking pictures, and I don't totally suck at it. But that's about it. I'm excited to try my new camera out. He needs a name. Suggestions? K, I'm done.

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