Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Well, if you must know...

I'm bored and I want to make a post, but I don't know what to make it about. This bunny picture is to take up space, show you a really cute bunny, and trick people into thinking that I might actually have a blog post on some kind of girly subject. They are mistaken. Because this post has no subject.

This is my middle sister in her natural state: Fierce, assertive, always changing her hair, and paying homage to hot men. In this case Hugh Jackman as wolverine. She also worships Johnny Depp and Harrison Ford.

This is my other sister, also shown in her natural state: Hilarious, random, former vampire worshiper. Emphasis on former. After the great movie disaster of '08, Edward is no longer on her Christmas list. She is the youngest, which explains many, many things. She's never been the same since the accident....

This is my brother in his "I am a chick magnet" pose. I gave him that shirt for Christmas. You may also notice the foliage in the background... solid evidence that this picture was not taken anywhere near BYU as his shirt seems to suggest. Actually I really have no idea where this pic was taken. I'm just trying to fill up a little bit of space, because normally I would mercilessly make fun of my brother. That's what little brothers are for. But I actually think this is a pretty decent pic.

This is what Utah is really famous for. Stunningly dry, dusty, and monochromatic outcroppings of rock. Ok, ok. It's not that bad. It's actually really cool looking. Very mysterious and imagination provoking. But only for so long. Once you tour around for a certain amount of time, it all starts to look exactly the same, over, and over, and over, and over, and over....

This is a luna moth. For everyone who thinks that all moths are creepy and ugly, behold exhibit A. Yes this is actually a moth, and not a butterfly. They land on our windows at night in Virginia. Utah bugs are not nearly so picturesque. In fact, every utah bug I've ever seen is either plain old disgusting, or freakishly scary (in a kind of cool sort of way). So yeah, Luna moths are seriously awesome and cool looking. Blue paisley sleeves, not so much.

See full size image This is the kind of freakishly scary I'm talking about. I mean, that thing is like a mini-biological tank. Imagine that being the size of a real tank. Holy Freaking Out and Running Screaming the Other Way. *shudder* And yet there is something strangely super cool about that.

I had a picture of a sword on here, but I accidentally backspaced it, and I'd have to re-load all these pics in order to get it back in the right spot. But it was just a sword. Like Excalibur. And it was sitting in a ray of sunlight against this stone floor background. Pretty awesome.

This is a shark. You are all saying, "Um, yeah. I kinda realized that." This is a Great White Shark. Not the biggest shark, by a long shot. Especially if you consider megalodon, which is basically like a Great White super-sized and on steroids. Fortunately for everyone who likes to swim in the ocean, Megalodon is extinct. If such was not the case, he could swallow you whole. Compared to him, a great white taking a bite out of you is no big deal. You might even survive. :P All the same, great whites are probably my favorite shark. Because they are just super awesome cool. I don't know what it is, but half the things that really fascinate me are super dangerous. And sharks are one of those things. Sharks, and snakes, and tornadoes, and volcanoes, and all sorts of stuff. *shrug* But great whites really do get a bad rep, especially because of Jaws. Actually, shark bites are a relatively rare thing to die from. Sharks are cool.

Speaking of things that are really cool though, check out this picture:
Tornadoes are way awesome. I mean I know they do lots of damage and stuff, but so do lots of things, especially people. This pic is really awesome.

And how is this not cool:

Ok. I think I'm done. Laters.

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