Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dawn Treader post movie thoughts.

Don't worry. I'm not gonna spoil anything.

By that, though, I mean there's nothing really to spoil. If you've read the book, everything in it was there in some form or another. If you haven't, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about anyway, so it won't ruin anything.

But I still promise I won't give anything crucial away.

Thing #1:
Yes, once again there was a LOT different from the book. But I actually kind of liked it, for the most part. Dawn Treader was never my super favorite of all the books. I don't really know which one is, though. I like each one for different things. But we can talk about that later.

Anyway, in Prince Caspian they changed a load of stuff in the timeline around to make it more movie friendly, which I understand. But I really didn't like how much of a deusch they turned Peter into. He was never that stupid or selfish in the story. And they never would have stormed the castle like retards. So it mostly worked, but I didn't really like it as much as I could have.

Dawn Treader is different. They changed a lot around, and re-ordered the timeline again, but I really think it made it more clear. It made a lot of sense to me, especially as a movie, and allowed for lots of cool scenes. Obviously there were things I didn't like as well, but generally I came out of it very pleased.

Thing #2: The green mist.

Um, that was just weird. I don't really know why they had to do that. I understand the search for the 7 Lords becoming a lot more dire because of it, but it was the one thing that they added that just seemed to make it cheesier instead of cooler. The sacrifices and stuff? Random. And not from C. S. Lewis at all. As someone else said, it doesn't always have to be about saving Narnia from certain doom. Sometimes it can be an adventure just for the heck of it.

Thing #3: The kid who played Eustace was way good. Perfectly annoying at the beginning, remorseful in the middle, and amazing at the goodbye. He's very talented. I'm excited for him to be in the Silver Chair. I hope they make it.

Thing #4: I still can't believe how great the family resemblance is between Lucy, Edmund, and Susan. Peter kind of sticks out like a sore thumb, but the others were well casted for their looks. Also, Lucy grew up so fast. I really can't believe how big she got. Not so long ago she was just a little girl. Aww.



Thing #5: No Ben Barnes accent. This is a good thing.

Thing #6: The sea serpent. No... the entire nightmare mist scene.

It was freaking epic. Perfect example of combining several separate parts from the book into a whole, but making it all the more intense because of it. Three things, in fact. The dragon, the serpent, and the nightmares. Add all those together and it cumulates into a pretty crazy adventure. And nicely done. I really, really loved the sea serpent. So far, my favorite aquatic monster from any movie I've seen.

Thing #7: I really liked Reepicheep and Eustace's becoming friends thing. It happened in the book, but it happened better in the movie.

Thing #8: The swords

Even though I didn't really approve of the evil green mist thing, I did like the end with Eustace and the final sword interspersed with the serpent fight. If they're going to have it be about completing the mission to save Narnia from destruction, it might as well be done thoroughly, which it was.

Thing #9: Music. Again, epic. All the soundtracks have been in the series. Very adventurous. Same themes from the first two, but with a little bit of pirates thrown in.

Thing #10: Lucy and Edmund were always my favorite anyway.

I like how Lucy is just a normal girl with doubts. And how Edmund is still haunted by the things he did in his past. No one's perfect. But kings and queens don't have to be. They just have to try their best. And their best rocks. They're so cool. And Lucy is not afraid to just whip out her sword and dive into battle.

Thing #11: Themes

Everyone knows that Lewis wrote Narnia as both an adventure AND a religious allegory. But this movie is the first one where they let that show in the story so much more obviously. It existed in the other ones, but only if you went into it thinking about that. This one kind of polished it and made it more see-able. Which I appreciate.

Thing #12: The duffers/monopods were pretty funny. I liked how that part turned out.

Thing #13: Overall

Pretty much I really liked everything about the movie except for the mist thing. And the shortness of some of the other island adventures. But they more than made up for the briefness with the cool, sweet, fabulous serpent. I really, really enjoyed the battle. And the end was a tear jerker. With Reepicheep and Eustace, and Aslan and Lucy... quality acting.

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