Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Once upon a time I was on a determined mission to figure out why the colors on my blog fonts were just not working. So I decided to make a blog post, exploring the features.

I tried many things. Like choosing the colors before I typed. And like highlighting them and changing them after they were typed.

I tried making the colors have something to do with the paragraphs. And I tried to experiment with the
  • bullet points. Just to
  • See if they actually helped.
But nothing I did seemed to at all to work. It really was the strangest thing.

The only thing That I could determine for sure was that highlighting the words and changing them to another color was a sure way to make them go back to the default.

The last thing I could think of was to highlight the blank space, change its color, and then type in it. If any of these things work at all, it will be a very pretty post. But if they don't, it'll be a sure sign that blogger just hates me, and doesn't want me to have cool looking words in any of my posts.

*In the end, exactly one 'o' was colored. And the blog poster remained even more confused than before.

** And then, as the blog poster added the last note, therewas a breakthrough. It, in no way, explains why some random sections of the last post were colored, and some weren't. And it's an irksome and slow experience. But it was revealed that typing the word, highlighting it, changing the color, and then dragging it to a new spot and back would leave it colored. So very odd.
Does it make sense? Not at all. Does it answer the questions of the last post? Not at all. But does it allow me to use colors again until I can figure the rest out? Yes. Yes it does.

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