Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For real short. I promise.

This pic is to help jog mysterious, imaginative response to this post.

So I've been really cracking the whip on some people during my last several posts, and I decided it was time for a happier one. Plus I've really been wondering this anyway. This one requires reader participation. As in I command you to reply either on here, or on my facebook. :) It's sort of like a discussion prompt.

Questions: What parts of a really good book catch you the most? Like when you read one you absolutely can't put down, what is it that keeps you there? What things make you stop reading? What pet peeves do you have when reading certain things? What's the thing that most makes you pick up a book in the first place?

I had a whole list of things you could think about while answering, but I accidentally deleted them. I will still make a list, but it's likely to be shorter. Sorry.
Plot, genre, plot twists, romance, magic, technology, creatures, kings, princesses, warriors, cars, locations, characters, character development, choices, morals, themes, symbolism, action, suspense, chapter division, writing style, connections, vocabulary, emotion, originality, pictures, back of the book summaries, titles, details, etc.

Like I said, short and to the point. Please comment. :)

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