Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To believe Tiger, or not to believe Tiger... dude, not even a question.

Ugh. I normally don't care about or follow Hollywood gossip. I usually don't even know what people are talking about when they mention it. But there are some things that get around, despite those who resist.

That thing today is the crap with Tiger Woods and Jesse James. Addiction my butt.
Lot's of people are unsure whether or not to believe these guys, and their apologies. I submit to you two reasons why I don't, and why I think they're full of crap.

1: It happened so many times. Especially with Jesse James. If someone keeps screwing up, and keeps doing such retarded things, there's a pretty good chance they are NOT sorry. Just sorry they got caught. I mean, really... how many times was he divorced? Because of cheating? Seriously, Sandra... you're cooler than that. Find a guy who deserves you. And as far as Tiger... well, this might be the first time he got caught, but that doesn't really lessen my point. If a guy honestly loves his wife, honestly makes a mistake, and is honestly sorry about it, not only are they not gonna make a public whatsit about it, but they won't be able to just continuously dig up time after time after time of these "mistakes". This ties directly in to the other point I'm gonna make. But yeah, if he cared more about his wife, and less about golf or the public eye, he'd take it up with her, not with the stupid paparazzi.

2: I hope people do realize that it's a whole heck of a lot harder to have a "sex addiction" if you aren't going out and spending alone time in secret places with other girls/guys in the first place.

THAT part was 100% their own fault. No one tied them up, took them to a sleezy hotel, and forced them onto someone else. Saying you can't help it is like saying you can't control where your legs walked you to, and what your arms did with your credit card. Or it's like saying that you have a disease that contracts and releases your leg muscles in such a way that you walk straight to certain places of ill repute, and only those places while the disease is kicking in. Jeez, even if that was true, you could still leave again once you got there. *groan* Unless you're like magneted to a place by some freaky supernatural force, you've got to be looking for trouble to go out to those places at all.

If you're trying to quit smoking, you don't hang out in places with open cigarette packs laying around. Recipe for disaster and stupidity on your part. And you don't drive to the store, go to the counter, and ask for your favorite brand, and THEN try to say no. You get out of there. Clear all the temptations from your house. Don't buy some "just in case". You just gotta get it away from you. Same deal with these buttheads. They're driving to the store, picking up the pack, and sticking the cigarette in their mouth while holding a lighter, and then saying that it wasn't their fault that they lit it. It makes me have the desire to pound my head against a cinderblock.

Now, there are things that are harder and harder to say no to, once you've said yes a few times. Drugs. Prostitutes. Etc. But you have to say yes the first time for it to ever develop into such a bad habit. Take alcoholism... there is a gene that predisposes people to become dependent on alcohol a lot faster than normal. BUT you have to take that first drink in order to ever have the problem start. SO, yes it's tough to say no to a situation with someone once you're there and she/he is seducing you, but it's not that hard to just not go to the hotel, or the sleazy streetcorner the first time. *EPIC facepalm*

That's why these guys are super retarded. They aren't taking responsibility for decisions that were clearly conscious. Even if you can convince people that you aren't responsible for your insatiable lust, you can't with any plausibility try to say that you aren't responsible for where you drive, where you spend the night, and who you choose to spend alone time with. Gag me.

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