Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reese's Pieces and Clorox wipes.

Why do I always feel like making a blog post when I have absolutely nothing to say? I haven't the foggiest. I guess I could always break the trend and just tell about my day. I don't think I've done that yet. And most people do on their blogs. *Shrug*

K, so the first thing that happened today was that I woke up at 9. Which is gross on a day when you didn't fall asleep until about 3am. And when the only reason you're waking up at 9 is because you actually have to pack your entire life into a travellable format, move it to the next complex over, lug it all up a flight of stairs, and find a way to make it fit into a tiny room.

So anyway, I got online, chatted a little bit, checked my email, etc. And then I started the serious packing. I mean, this time around I actually packed up quite a bit of the main stuff a few days earlier both from a lack of anything else to do, and from the strong desire to not become stressed through the badgering of a certain land lord's mother. So it really wasn't that bad. There wasn't as much left as I thought there was. So by about 3:30 I not only had my entire life completely packed, but I had 3/4 of it over at the new apartment already.

This is most assuredly a record for me.

I also set another record. By 6:25 pm I had every single thing over to the new apartment except for my airplane stuff for flying to VA. AND I vacuumed my room and everything. I was completely done with everything I needed to do. I've never been sitting around bored before moving out of an apartment like that before. It was a completely new experience.

To celebrate, as well as to feed myself because I had no meal stuff left, I went to the chinese place down the street and ate sweet and sour chicken, beef and broccoli, and ham fried rice. I came back expecting to just sit down and thoroughly enjoy my victory meal when the real fun started. As I started to walk into my room, I was stopped by the landlord's mother, and proceeded to get the most awkward lecture I've ever had.

I'm not even kidding. It wasn't like bad, or yelling, or whatever. It was just really awkward. Apparently since the last time I cleaned my toilet some black mold had grown around the lower rim, which was only visible when you lifted the toilet seat up. Needless to say, I never do that, so I never saw it. And I've never had black mold grow on a toilet like that before. Anyway, granny proceeded to explain to me how dangerous this particular mold is, and how this guy she saw on a show once inhaled some and it deteriorated his entire nose so he had nothing left but two holes on his face, and how she was a nurse, so she knows, and it's necessary for my health and well being to thoroughly scrub the toilet every week.

And THEN she proceeded to thoroughly explain how I'm going to move in with three other girls now, and they might not be as understanding, and if I want my roommates to like me I need to take part in cleaning, and that includes cleaning the toilet every week. And how I need to make sure that I pay attention to things like that, because there's no way my roommates will ever like me if I don't participate in cleaning.

As I sat there thinking about the dozens of roommates I've had over the seven years I've been out of high school. In fact, I may count them now. This is not counting the fact that I lived in DT my freshman year with 41 other girls sharing two bathrooms with 2 stalls and 2 showers each. (I had a single room, though.) If I'm counting correctly, which I think I am, I had 12 Pre-mission, 16 different ones on mission, living multiple times with some, and 13 post mission. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that counts as a lot of roommates. And honestly, at least 70% of them I got along really well with, and another 15% at least we co-existed quite peacefully even if we weren't tight. So I obviously have no experience with what it's like to be with roommates, especially three others at the same time. The Calamity!

But despite the severely awkward speech, I feel like I managed to keep my face quite straight. Maybe not. Apparently I don't have a poker face unless I'm playing mafia. But I don't really know. Anyway, why did I just sit like a little kid and take the weirdness? Well I shall tell you.

You see, this particular grandma is a germaphobe, control freak, OCD about cleaning type. This has many advantages. One of which is that even if I were to clean the entire apartment, she'd come around behind me and do all of it over again anyway. Therefore it serves no purpose whatsoever to do much cleaning while she's here. I vacuumed my room, and cleaned some dirty prints on the wall by my bed. And I didn't have to do anything else to prep the apartment for leaving. Nada. I offered, though, so I didn't look like a lazy bum, but they said no. Easy as that. I've never had an easier cleaning checkout. Just vacuum the floor and wipe some prints off the wall. I took some bags of trash out for good measure, but I didn't even have to do that. I just did. This constitutes Epic WIN. For me anyway.

So my legs and back are not happy with me for so much heavy lifting on precarious stairways. But at this point I've been sitting around not doing anything much besides chatting, phone calling, facebooking, emailing, and playing a lot of Age of Mythology for about 7 hours. (This pic is of a fire giant from AoM. It's my favorite soldier to make, because they're huge, strong, and they hurl fireballs at the enemy soldiers. Definitely the coolest. At least to me.) But yeah, 7 hours. And I still have 3 to go before we even have to leave for the airport. This really has never happened to me before. Definitely a first. I mean, even if I had done a bunch of cleaning, I still would have been done long before now.

So overall a pretty good day. Again, at least for me. Not so much for my poor roommies. I really just have to mention this because it was so weirdly awkward. As many of you know, the tension has been building in our apt since their grandma got here. This is for many reasons. One, granny is a control freak. Two, Michelle is severely susceptible to easy stressing out. And three, Deanna is graduating this week, packing, and moving somewhere else for the first time since she came to byu a few years ago. There are details within each category, but they're largely unnecessary to relate. You get the idea.

So basically Deanna's been irritable from stress and senioritis. Granny's been ticked at Deanna, and chewing her out a lot. Michelle's been stressed because she hates family fighting, and because both Deanna and Gran have been rude and at each other's throats. It all built up to tonight. Their gran skyped their dad and started just spewing about how much of a pill Deanna has been. Their dad was defending Deanna for two reasons. One, because he heard Deanna's side earlier. And two, because a few of the things Gran was mad at Deanna for were things that he had actually told her to tell the others to do.

They got into full out yelling and interrupting each other and everything already. But that was only the beginning. The next thing was Deanna's graduation. Apparently their sister in law and brother, and a few other people couldn't make it. So granny was gonna be left to go by herself. And she was making a royal fuss about it. How could she be expected to go and sit all alone for two hours just to watch a bunch of people march around, and blah blah blah, etc etc. This is when Deanna and Michelle's mom got in front of the camera and started explaining that this wasn't the point. It was to be there to support Deanna for graduating college. I have to just insert here that this is the first time I've 100% agreed with Deanna's mother about anything. Seriously, I mean I'm not offended if someone doesn't come to my graduation because they aren't able to make it, but not coming just because you have "a thousand and one other things I could be doing instead" and because you'd have to be there alone, and because it's two hours... that is probably the most utterly selfish thing I've ever heard a grandmother say. Grandma's just aren't supposed to be like that. At all.

Anyway, this is the point where I stealthily sneak out from the background of the camera. (Yes, I was actually in the living room, sitting on the couch when this was all happening.) Then I left and walked to 7-11 while talking to my friend Geri on the phone, and purchasing Reese's Pieces and chocolate covered raisins for the plane trip. When I came back I discovered that Michelle had tried to break up the scream fest, been screamed at, and had a sort of mini breakdown brought on by a sincere phobia of such huge family fights. She had stopped crying by then, but you could still tell she had been, even after showering.

Luckily, it seems as though me stepping out to avoid being part of a family fight somewhat dissipated the anger, because they all realized how much they were yelling and everything. I don't know how long it took to resolve, but it was done when I got back from 7-11.

So now they're painting the bedroom I recently vacated. It is now blue instead of pink. Which is much nicer. And I think they intend to finish painting, despite the fact that it is now almost 2 am. Michelle and her grandma sure don't waste time. I figured they'd do it tomorrow, but apparently not. And I am now sitting here blogging at 2 am because I'd need to wake up at like 4 anyway, and I feel like I'd be way tireder if I tried to sleep for so short a time, than if I just wait and crash on the plane. Although I may not make it to the plane. I may crash in the back seat of the car long before we reach salt lake. We'll see.

Well, despite the fact that I've got two more hours of nothing to do, I can't think of anything else to write here. I hope what I did write makes sense because I really am starting to get a bit out of it.

Wow. How appropriate. "Good Mornin'" just came on my ipod's shuffle.
Good mornin', Good mornin', to you!

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