Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Commence Judging Me.... Now.

Yesterday I was talking to some people at work. I was bemoaning my fate in continuously getting roommates who just don't appreciate my eccentricities. Ever since our awesome group from heritage 44 broke up and went different ways, I've had the good fortune to get a wide variety of... interesting roommates.

And by interesting I mean ones that, no matter their slew of different personalities, all manage to agree that I am, to put it euphemistically, really weird. I get *the* look often.

As I was describing this, I used lightsabers as my example. There aren't many people who will just play lightsabers with you. This is a sad thing. Just as usual, the people at work agreed with me that it was sad that people don't appreciate me, but just as usual, I don't think they really believed me that I actually wanted people to play lightsabers with me.

I offer here conclusive evidence that not only do I really own lightsabers, but I used to really play with them with my roommates.

Plastic doesn't bruise like that by just sitting on the shelf.

1 comment:

Maren said...

I play with lightsabers too.
I had a red one, and then it got busted in half.