Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An Outfit a Day: #1

I've seen a lot of people do some variation of this outfit a day thing. One girl went for an entire month where she created her daily outfits from a list of items she picked out on the first day. I think it was 10 or 15 different things. Other people just created an interesting ensemble every day to look awesome, and posted the results on their blogs.

As you all know, I dress really classy. Not to toot my own horn, but I am a fashion leader. I always know what's in and what's out. So I decided to do a few of these just for amusement. Well, and to help those who might be a little less fashionably adept. Anyone can use a few tips.

I had the idea only a few minutes ago, and I decided to start with what I'm wearing right at this very moment.

You can see that the theme for this ensemble is a sort of professional casual. You wouldn't wear it to a job interview, but it would be perfect for a lunch with coworkers.

The top is an 80's DI purchase. There is absolutely nothing classier than DI or T-shirts. And apes in 3D glasses never go out of style.

We can see that the pant is in a blue overlarge basketball short style. The black stripes down the side are absolutely essential. Blue shorts without them are simply a no.

The shoes are yet another high fashion statement. Or lack of statement rather. Barefoot is so In that it's not even In yet. No-shoe is the future of footwear.

Now we come to the accessories. The hat is purple to go with the stripes surrounding the neon green arrows on the top.

The glasses are the crux of the whole ensemble. What can I say? Cest Chic.

Most importantly, though, is the jewelry. Business casual is never complete without a ring of power. Narya, Vilya, or Nenya are all sufficient, but if you want to give the best impression, always go for the one.

The One Ring is better than any power suit or power tie. And there is nothing that goes better with a 3D bespectacled ape with a boombox.

Never has there been an outfit that is more guaranteed to bring the right kind of attention. Never have you been more dressed for success.


Bekah said...

I enjoy everything about you.

Jenny said...

^ me too.

i've always been a little jealous of your fashion forward tendencies. more tips to come?